By: Sam Bergholt, Jordan Kelly, and Harper Nutting

The rising app BeReal has gained popularity with over 27.9 million downloads in just the last 12 months. Although the recommended age for the app is 18 – 25, many young middle schoolers enjoy it as well. We find Its appealing to the teens because of the camera located on both the front and back. You can post just once a day and this adds to an unexpected element of surprise because no one knows when the alert will go off. Another part of this app that many people enjoy is the fact that instead of liking or commenting on pictures, you can send a “reaction”. You do this by sending a picture of your face to the person. Unlike other apps like instagram or facebook you are not able see the amount of followers one has which takes away any feelings of jealousy that many social media apps can cause. We interviewed several Ross students to see their perspective on the topic. Here are their responses:

Brody Zampa, “No, my girlfriends take them, I don’t like the time, love the reactions”

Shepherd Child, “Yep, I take my be reals, like the reactions” Anonymous, “Yeah I guess I kie be real but you can’t see any other posts before you post so it can get annoying”

Stella Nemer, “I enjoy be real, i don’t like the timing because its unpredictable, the reactions are fun.”

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