Ross Staff Birthdays

Here is the Ross School staff birthday list. Make sure to look and see if any of your teachers are on the list and help them celebrate their special day!

Ms. Dell’avo 2ndMs. McNamara 6thMs. Meeker 12th
Ms. Graham 4thMs. Becker 14thMs. Myers 15th
Mr. Philpot 18thMs. Stevens 17thMs. Santin 17th
Mr. Ruhl 25thMs. Paltrineri 28thMs. Barry 2nd
Ms. Kerson 25thMr. Little 1stMr. Feazell 28th
Mr. Kem 6thMr. Traut 7thMs. Michel 5th
Mr. Dern 7thMs. Parnow 12thMs. Schmidt 18th
Ms. Chinn 14thMs. Lalanne 28thMr. Rice 19th
Mr. Leo 15thMs. Pearl 20th
Mr. Schmidt 25thMs. Weston 26th
Mr. Jackson 30th
Ms. Baker 3rdMs. Akau 3rdMs. Jonholt 2nd
Ms. Crivello 14thMs. Hildebrand 7thMs. Nugent 8th
Mullally 21stMs. Sanchez 4thMs. Werner 8th
Ms. Reischiling 27thMs. Briones 13thMs. Lapic 17th
Ms. Slender 22ndMs. Hethering 23rd
Mr. Beltron 30thMr. Munoz 24th
Ms. Jacobs 28th
Ms. Potter 5thMs. Reid 1stMs. Foster 6th
Ms. Massucco
Ms. Walker 3rdMs. Holdsombeck 21st
Ms. O’Meara 16thMr. Lescohier 4thMs. Scott 21st
Ms.  Lubamersky 26th
Ms. Rader 4thMr. Krauthamer 23rd
Ms. Malin 8th
Ms. Eichley 22nd
Ms. Cordova 28th
Ms. VanBuskirk 30th

Make sure to mark your calendars!

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