Wendell and Wild – Movie Review

Wendell & Wild is rated PG-13, meaning this film may be inappropriate for ages 12 and under. It was given this age rating for some thematic material, violence, substance use, and brief strong language.

Wendel and Wild is an incredibly creative and unique style of animation that brings the wacky characters to life and makes it a bizarre, oddly captivating experience. However the movie has some disadvantages.

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Complaints and Drawbacks –

Wendell and Wild as characters are actually barely in this movie, and they are underdeveloped, given the bare minimum of motivations, being rushed, and shallow character growth. That is not the only complaint, for Kat has “overcoming trauma,” that is glossed over in one scene, and she has magical powers that are introduced with almost no build-up. Not only that, some written friends of Kat’s are given even less development and some scenes try to highlight them only to have little or no impact for the story, making the movie longer then it needs to be. I’ll lastly mention that there are way too many antagonist characters, and because there’s no time to focus on them, and it leads to the result of the ending being disappointing.

Benefits and advantages –

Even if there are some drawbacks, Wendel and Wild shows great creativity throughout the movie. It takes comedy, imagination, suspense, and more and combines them into a great stop motion film. Not only that, this movie shows a theme of conquering your fears, and even shows support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Overall, I rate this movie a 3/5 stars.

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