Student Council

By Olivia Shekou and Ava Kruttschnitt

This year, there are a lot of students interested in running for student council and helping out at Ross School. We interviewed a couple of student council candidates from different grades and they expressed why they are interested in running. Mr. Philpot also explained the new secretary position that will be in charge of the organization.

Past student council class representative, Chip, mentioned that he “enjoyed meeting people from different grades in student council.” Chip is running for president this year. A common theme in our interviews was that people wanted to give back to their community, in appreciation for what Ross has given them. Also, Lila who is running for 8th-grade class representative mentioned that “student council is a rewarding experience and a great way to give back to my community.”

6th Graders presenting their speeches to Mr. Philpot and Ms. Santin

6th Grade class representative, Ava G., mentioned how she enjoyed “the black history month and decorating homeroom doors.” This year, she is running for vice president. 6th grader, Natalie, mentioned that she is excited to “help plan the dances this year!” She\is one of the many other 6th graders who are excited to run and hopefully join the student council.

Elections are this Friday, and we will get back to you all with the results!

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