Spring Musical Interview

By: Jordan Kelly and Alexa Slayen

For the first time since 2019 we will have a Ross school musical. We interviewed Mrs. Meeker with a few questions that many students and parents have.


What musical did you choose? Mary Poppins

How did you choose it? We started the musical in 2020 before COVID, but sadly only got halfway through due to lockdown. When I was thinking about another musical I decided to put it on again because I really enjoyed working on it and I wanted to perform the show.

How many kids will participate? Not sure quite yet, but normally it ranges from 25-50 kids. 

What grades? 4th-8th graders will have auditions: 4th-5th graders will be a part of the chorus. The middle schoolers will have a chance to audition for the larger roles.

When will you perform it? April 6 as of now.

Are there auditions? Yes, the second week of January for grades 4-8.

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