New Splatoon 3 season!

Hi everybody! This is Austin Zazzara, and I have heard about Nintendo releasing the new Splatoon 3 catalog season soon. They are adding new maps, clothing, emotes, bug fixes, and of course, Sheldon’s made some new things that are ready for battle! The new season is going to be called “chill” season.

For Maps, it looks like they added a Japanese Shogun, I haven’t gotten much data on it, all I know is that a Japanese Shogun is in the background.

Bug fixes and Music are nothing to worry about, just fixing some things like the hitbox on the Ultra Stamp (I think) and adding more music to the pile.

The Clothing and the Emotes I know absolutely nothing about, it’s not like I work for Nintendo :\.

And finally, the Horseshoe Crab known as Sheldon has some new things in store! First of all, they brought back the Tentatek Splattershot, but the logo is IMPRINTED instead of a strap around it. Also he has made a new charger I am SUPER excited about! It is a charger, but when it is fully charged it has 3 extra shots added. That’s right, 4 shots in the charger, while everything else has one measly shot at full charge.

So that’s your quick update on the new season for Splatoon, see ya!

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2 Responses

  1. Oliva Z says:

    Yeah but even if “everything else has one measly shot at full charge” the new sniper doesn’t one shot a person

  2. Oliva Z says:

    But its still cool 🙂

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