Donation Drive for Fire Victims in Butte county

The Camp Fire was the deadest fire in California recorded history. It burned more than 150,000 acres in Butte County, and most of the town of Paradise. Almost 19,000 structures were destroyed in the fire and 88 people’s lives were lost. Many people have been forced to leave their home behind and move into makeshift shelters or camping grounds. Even though the fire is now contained, the rain is creating new hazards and hurting the water system.

So that is why Ross School wants to help! We are doing a donation drive for fire victims in Butte county, each grade was asked to bring in a certain item. Kindergarten and 1st grade was asked to being in things for kids like blankest, stuffed animals, and books. Many of the people that had to leave their homes were family’s with kids. 2nd and 3rd grade was asked to bring in supplies for animals. As of now lots and lots of animals are being housed at a Chico airport. So they need our help.

4th and 5th grade was asked to bring in camping items. Most people who lost their homes have been living out of their cars or are living in camping grounds with other evacuees. We are asking if you can bring in things like blankets, tents, sleeping tents, and air mattresses. Middle school was been asked to bring in phone chargers and gift cards like ones from Target, CVS, Walmart, etc. As a middle school we raised $2000 in gift cards!

But do not worry if you did not get a chance to donate, Ross School is holding another donation drop off for the people in Butte County.

Student Council Member Sophia Lucas says, “amidst this horrible fire, we, as a student body, have donated many items and we will continue to run more fundraisers, such as the upcoming food day benefiting the Department of Education in Butte County and the next donation collection. We all should contribute in some way to the people who have lost everything in the fire.”






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