New Year, New Electives

This year there are over 40 electives! These are some of the new electives:

1: Bracelet Making – make friendship bracelets (Santin)

2: Cabinet of Curiosities – constructing dioramas (Lesco)

3: Sports Medicine – learn and practice safety skills (Little)

4: Time – create time-oriented devices (Lesco)

5: Pinball – create a pinball game in the fab lab (Lesco)

6: Cult Movie Classics – watching and discussing movies (Santin)

7: Homes – building wildlife-oriented objects/homes (Lesco)

8: Mindfulness – get into a relaxed state of mind through yoga and meditation (Becker)

Although most of the electives are popular, the most sought-after ones are the art electives with Ms. VB.

Are the new electives the most popular?

While some of the new electives are quite popular, it is a mix as others are primarily empty. Overall, new electives are always something exciting to mix up the routine of middle school and, on average, are quite desired.

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